When you travel, do you like to discover the place and the surroundings where you are? Are you fascinated by the history and the culture of the towns and regions you are visiting? Hotel Solemare colors your days with different visits in Milano Marittima and its surroundings!

Let you tell stories and curiosities of the inhabitants of Romagna: Discover the wonders of Milano Marittima and Cervia!

Among landscapes and animals: live in contact with nature

To spend a day discovering the most beautiful of the hinterland, we recommend some destinations and tours to visit in peace and security.

If you like animals, Italian landscapes and you do not want to miss occasions of having fun, in our area you can fine everything you need!

Embark on an adventure: live incredible experiences to tell everyone!

The pinewood

Not far from Hotel Solemare, you can have a quiet walk or a regenerating jog inside the pinewood of Milano Marittima, a tree-line and shady street, where you can enjoy the mild climate and the fresh sea air!

Butterfly house

An environmental education center with an exclusive heated greenhouse to replicate the suitable ecosystem for the creatures living in that place. Immerse yourself in a small tropical rainforest and admire all butterfly species flying free in this environment. Who knows: maybe one of them will come on your shoulder!

Safari Ravenna

Not far from Mirabilandia amusement park, there is an exclusive safari park and zoo. This center was created in the respect of the animal species housed and aims at the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of species at risk. Visiting the park, let’s admire the area of the large mammals and different kinds of birds, which you can see by car, by train or on foot. A smaller zoo inside the park preserves and protects a section of reptiles, mammals, pets with a section about Australian fauna. A unique occasion to see many animals and to explore far lands without flying!

Not only sea: discover the wonders of the hinterland of Romagna

Villages, historic towns, museums, typical places and much more. Milano Marittima and its surroundings let you speechless thanks to the beauties they dispose of.

If culture and history have always let you speechless, if you want to enrich your holiday enjoying the tradition and the anecdotes of the place where you are, here are some local attraction you cannot miss at all.

Vialetto degli Artisti

The famous small canal located in Milano Marittima, where according to the traditions they expose works of artists, designers and artisans, who want to share proudly their own creations and artifacts.

Casa delle Aie

A farmhouse built in the 18th century and restored to preserve its beauty. You find this little historic gem at the beginning of the pinewood of Milano Marittima, you can visit its interiors or simply stop to eat something.

The saline in Cervia and the Vecchio Borgo

Visit Cervia and the particular saline, giving you a day full of interesting anecdotes and history of the place. From the visitor center showing the entrance of the salines, you can decide to do a guided tour on foot or by electric boat, admiring the beautiful landscapes and make unique pictures of the landscape or of flamingos at the magical light of the sunset. The historic center of Cervia offers you the charm of walking through the monuments and the tales of its inhabitants.

Pinewood of Pinarella and Tagliata

A tree-lined street where you can spend an afternoon on you bike or walking quietly chatting.The pinewood was created by the State Forestry Corps in the early ‘40, to protect the houses from the strong winds coming from the sea. This union between man and nature created a place where to find peace and serenity… Seeing is believing!


If you want to spend a day full of history, Ravenna suits you. Called “The city of mosaics” because of the works of inestimable value she has,rich in moments belonging to the UNESCO patrimonyRavenna offers unique moments and fascinates with its colors. Get lost in the magic of the old town and admire Dante’s grave, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the cathedral, the baptistery of Nero and much more.

Museums and exhibitions in Forlì

If you move to the hinterland, in the vibrant city of Forlì, you can visit the museum complex of San Domenico (one a Dominican convent of the 13th century), where you can admire works and frescos of the 16th century breathing the atmosphere of that time. The town often hosts temporary exhibitions of great interest, a unique occasion not to be missed!