Hotel Solemare is waiting for you for Easter holiday in Milano Marittima!

After several months passed waiting for spring Angela, Piero and the whole Solemare staff will be ready to greet you together with the first warming sun of the season

Choosing a holiday in the spring, you may take advantage of some great best offers.

In the spring you’ll find the perfect mix of beach life and nature, shopping, the intense colors of the flower and cultural discoveries.

In Milano Marittima you’ll wake up with an astonishing sunrise on the sea, that will caress you with its warm colors and greet you good morning. One place, a thousand ideas: treat yourself to a refreshing and carefree afternoon stroll in the pine forest and breathe in the balmy air.

On your way back you can change the route and visit the famous city streets with its glamorous stores for some funny shopping.
Of course you cannot forget the sea and this year the MiMa Club Hotel will amaze you with several news!

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